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Thermostat Installation & Maintenance in Dallas TX

S&E A/C & Heating: Your Thermostat Specialists

S&E A/C & Heating, LLC understands that homeowners and business owners often overlook thermostats when considering their HVAC system. Your thermostat is your primary control for your heating and cooling systems.

A modern thermostat provides much more accurate control of your indoor air temperature. Slight air temperature fluctuations can cause your air conditioner, as well as your heat pump or furnace, to cycle on more often than necessary. This can lead to decreased service life and, most importantly, higher energy bills.

Digital Thermostats Save Money

A digital thermostat offers many advantages over traditional mercury-switch thermostats. A digital thermostat is sealed, so dust cannot accumulate as easily, which could result in the reduction of a thermostat's accuracy. Additionally, a digital thermostat can be programmed to automatically adjust your indoor air temperature. These are huge advantages over traditional thermostats.

You can be certain with digital thermostats that your indoor air temperature is exactly what was set as you left your home or office. With digital thermostats, there will be no more wasting money with unnecessary heating and air conditioning.

S&E A/C & Heating provides digital thermostat assistance and all other heating and air services for commercial and residential customers. Call our Dallas TX HVAC representatives, or visit us online for more information.

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