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Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas TX

S&E A/C & Heating - Indoor Air Duct Cleaning Experts

S&E A/C & Heating, LLC takes pride in providing quality air duct cleaning for all residential and commercial properties. If you are having trouble with airflow from your heating or cooling unit, the problem may be resolved with a simple yet thorough cleaning by our Dallas TX air duct experts to handle the major blockages.

Improper air duct cleaning can be linked to problems around the home, such as excess moisture or excess dust and debris. The amount of air flowing through your ducts comes largely from the outside, and particles from the outside air eventually accumulates in your duct work. Over time, sizable deposits can build up and gather moisture, which can result in potential allergies, respiratory problems or other health hazards for you and your family. Your ducts are perfect breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

Scheduling routine air duct cleaning should be routine for every household, and S&E A/C & Heating offers the best duct cleaning services for your HVAC system. Once you schedule regular duct cleaning services with our Dallas TX HVAC technicians, you will notice a difference in your home's indoor air quality.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

While nothing can completely replace a professional duct cleaning, there are a few things that can improve your indoor air quality:

Humidifier Maintenance

Do not leave your humidifier on all year. Your humidifier was intended to take the edge off dry air during the winter months. However, your humidifier can be the main contributor to mold and mildew. Naturally, this will reduce your indoor air quality and contribute to allergies and mold-related illnesses.

Scheduling a Duct Cleaning

A good time to schedule a duct cleaning is during a furnace installation. Your ducts are likely full of pollutants at that point, and a new furnace can stir up a lot of dust particles. You can take advantage of this downtime and ensure that your new HVAC system is operating at peak levels. A clean heating and cooling system is ideal for your health, and it will save you money on breakdowns in the future.

Join our maintenance program and experience increased comfort and lower utility bills. Contact our Dallas TX HVAC company for additional information, or visit us online.

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