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Our Repair Services

Many times, it seems like air conditioning systems go out just when you need them the most or at an inconvenient time such as the middle of a weekend or holiday. When you choose S&E A/C & Heating, we offer 24/7/365 emergency air conditioning repairs throughout the Plano area, so you can rest assured knowing that your home will return to a comfortable temperature as soon as possible. Our trained and certified technicians have many years of experience performing repairs on all makes and models of air conditioning systems. With fully stocked service vans featuring the latest in diagnostic equipment and replacement parts, your air conditioning system will be back in service quickly and at a reasonable price.

Maintenance Services

Our team at S&E A/C & Heating believes strongly in preventative AC maintenance. Regular maintenance prevents many common air conditioning problems and may help you avoid costly repair bills. We offer preventive maintenance agreements that help you save money and put you at the top of the priority list for repairs.

At S&E A/C & Heating, we offer all of the air conditioning repair services necessary to create a comfortable indoor environment. Our AC repair company is available at all hours of the day or night whenever you might need us. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and we will not rest until your air conditioner is effectively cooling your home. Call us today at 214-912-7900 to schedule your air conditioner repair service.

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Air Conditioning Repair Service in Frisco http://www.se-ac-heat.com/blog/air-conditioning-repair-service-in-frisco/ http://www.se-ac-heat.com/blog/air-conditioning-repair-service-in-frisco/#comments Sat, 23 Jun 2012 11:23:02 +0000 admin http://www.se-ac-heat.com/blog/?p=260 Summer is upon us, and it is about this time that many homeowners begin to realize that they have an issue with their air conditioning units. An AC repair company can check things out in order to determine the best course of action for any problems. S&E A/C & Heating is a leader in air conditioning service in Frisco and the surrounding area. No need to sweat it out in the heat when the experts cant take care of your AC problems.

Preventative AC maintenance should be a regular routine for any homeowner, and proper upkeep can catch problems before they get to far out of hand leading to extensive and expensive repairs. The summer months cause the air conditioning units to be taxed to their fullest in order to remove heat from the air, and it is quite common for issues to surface. A proper repair job is crucial so that one does not have to make a repeat service call. Freon leaks and systems running low on freon can lead to detrimental problems with the air conditioner compressor, associate fittings, and pipes. It is important that proper gauges are used to check the freon and oil level so that this does not occur. A thorough cleaning job of both the outside and inside units can pay for itself almost immediately through the energy savings that will result. A checkup can even make sure that the heating is functional so that you’ll be ready for winter early.

Quick and friendly service is important and the folks at S&E understand the inconvenience of being without a functional AC unit. Homeowners throughout the Frisco area trust the company with their cooling and heating needs because they know that their knowledge and expertise will have things back to normal quickly. It is this reason that S&E A/C & Heating is the number 1 company for air conditioning service in the area of Frisco. Make a call to 214-912-7900 today and leave the worries behind.

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Preventative AC Maintenance in Frisco TX http://www.se-ac-heat.com/blog/preventative-ac-maintenance-in-frisco-tx/ http://www.se-ac-heat.com/blog/preventative-ac-maintenance-in-frisco-tx/#comments Fri, 25 May 2012 11:51:33 +0000 admin http://www.se-ac-heat.com/blog/?p=257 Your air conditioner is the only thing standing between you and the summer heat of Texas. At S&E A/C & Heating we offer Frisco TX AC service to repair or prevent repairs to your system. The preventative AC maintenance we offer is a way to check your system and prepare it for the long summer months. Don’t let another summer pass you by without getting your air conditioner checked. It could be the difference in whether your air conditioner lasts through the summer without a break down or not.

One of the optional services you can select from us is our Preventative Maintenance Agreement. This provides you with twice annually checks of your heating and cooling system. With these two check-ups of your system, we ready your HVAC system for the summer or winter. We use a 23 point inspection to examine your system and service needed areas such as lubricating parts and changing filters. With this maintenance performed regularly, your HVAC system can run better and have a longer life.

Part of this agreement signs you up with us as a Preferred Customer. This gives you a variety of perks you will not want to be without. You get 10 percent off the cost of upgrades or repairs. Should you need service for your system, your price is 15 percent lower than non-preferred customers. Recharging the refrigerant in your air conditioner is cheaper since we discount each pound of refrigerant by $10 for you. Additionally, you will receive priority service from us.

Your air conditioning and heating system can have better, longer performance with our regular maintenance and system tune ups. Schedule your air conditioning tune up in Frisco with us at S&E A/C & Heating today, before the real heat of summer begins. Give us a call at 214-912-7900.

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