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Air Handler Installation & Repair in Dallas TX

S&E A/C & Heating - Your Air Handler Experts

When many think of HVAC equipment, heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners often come to mind. Very few people, however, first think of air handlers; yet, an air handler is a very important component of your heating and cooling systems.

An air handler circulates cool air throughout your home. It also can distribute heat when teamed up with a reliable heat pump. An air handler, in addition, can humidify your home or business. Let our Dallas TX heating and cooling specialists at S&E A/C & Heating, LLC assist you with top-notch customer service in air handler installation, maintenance or repair.

Benefits & Advantages of Air Handlers

Humidifier Function

When there is a need for constant or near-constant heating, your air can become dry. Having dry air can lead to allergy issues, as well as increased static electricity in the home. Naturally, these indoor air conditions are not ideal for your comfort level, but this is where an air handler with a humidifier proves essential. The humidifying function reduces the dryness in your air, and it allows you to breathe easier.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are devices made for the transfer of heat over a solid floor from one fluid to another. Working in conjunction with furnaces as well as air conditioning units, heat exchangers can be fitted to your air handler in order to provide savings and increased comfort levels.

Heating and Cooling

An air handler can help heat as well as cool you home. When temperatures drop below your heat pump’s operational capability, an air handler can provide additional heat and maintain your comfort level. An air handler also can increase the air volume in your home.

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