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We love answering questions from our clients.  This client air conditioning repair client in Grapevine has questions regarding self maintenance on their air conditioning system.  So, to our do it yourself AC repair client in Grapevine, TX - this one is for you.

If you want to keep your air conditioning system running at peak levels for years to come, regular maintenance is necessary. The question is: Can you perform this maintenance on your own or do you need a skilled technician to handle the work for you? The answer is a little bit of both. While filter changes and basic cleaning can be easily done, the more in-depth maintenance is better left to professionals. Here is a look at the essential maintenance procedures and how to handle them.


  • Filter changes. Most homeowners are familiar with the process of changing the filters on AC units. In some cases, the units may be hard to reach or are part of a system that is hard to manage. Have an AC technician handle filter change or replacement if you are uncomfortable with the procedure. Otherwise, change filters once a month when you run your air conditioner often.


  • Condenser maintenance. The condenser is the part of an AC system that is outside of the home. Parts of leaves, twigs and other types of debris can get inside a condenser and hamper its ability to run efficiently. Perform regular cleanings on this part of the system to make sure you are getting the most out of your cooling costs. Technicians should handle this task.


  • Indoor and outdoor coil checks. Coils in the condenser can operate less efficiently when dirt and saltwater particles in the air build up. Taking the condenser apart and getting to the coils is complicated work, so leave the work to a professional. This task is usually combined with a compressor check and a look at the refrigerant levels of the unit.


  • Evaporator cleaning. If you are familiar with your central air unit’s evaporator and have access to it, you can perform a key AC maintenance task by cleaning it once a year. Follow directions on the manual to make sure you complete this task safely.


  • Reading the efficiency quotient by checking energy bills. One way to see how well your cooling system is working is by checking the bills from a year before and comparing them to your current costs. Do you see a rise in costs when using the same amount of energy? If you do, it points to inefficiency somewhere in your heating and cooling system. Numbers don’t lie.


While some basic AC maintenance procedures can be handled by homeowners, an annual checkup and tune-up by professionals is recommended.

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