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AC Hail Damage Assessments Dallas TX

Air Conditioner Hail Damage Inspection & Repair

With the recent storms that have swept through the Metroplex, many cooling units have sustained damages. In fact, your air conditioner may have been affected and you don't even know it. After a hail storm occurs it is important that you visually inspect your outside air conditioning unit for damages. If you are unsure or your ac is clearly damaged, it's time to call the experts at S&E A/C & Heating for a thorough inspection.

Our cooling technicians are specially trained to find even the tiniest of issues with your air conditioner. Even if damage is minimal it is important that you allow us to fix it, otherwise you could pay hundreds of dollars due to high energy bills and repair bills for the damages caused from the unrepaired AC system.

You can count on our air conditioning contractors to find the best and most cost effective soltuion to your hail damaged AC unit. Our damage assessment can also help you with insurance claims. Our hail damage experts know all about insurance claims and how to properly assess hail and storm damage to your air conditioning. Our insurance claims specialists will even help you file your claim properly so that you get a fair insurance settlement.

Call us before your insurance adjuster comes to your home, so we can make sure all damage is assesed thuroughly & accurately. If your air conditioner has received hail damage, call the cooling experts for an inspection: 214-614-7011.

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